When car shopping, many people ask themselves "is this the right car for me?" Well, what does being "the right car" really mean? Can I afford the car? Does it serve the purposes I need it for? Is this a car that I'd like to be seen in? We all think these things when purchasing, even if we don't say it out loud. In terms of your time and your money, a car is a huge investment - it needs to be something that works for you, both practically and financially. You want to like what you're driving, right? When you arrive somewhere, your first impression is often your car - its important!

Here, we'll help you decide on what sedan will fit your style and budget. Let's explore the differences between sedans as well as what each type offers.

To make things a bit easier, let's accept the following about a sedan: A sedan has three main compartments, the engine, passenger area, and luggage area - this differs from hatchbacks which generally feature folding seats to increase luggage space. Many sedans also have a coupe or hatchback option, giving it either two or four doors - sedans have four doors.

We can break this down further by breaking sedans down by class: small, medium and large. Small sedans are occasionally classified as compact or even subcompact cars. Subcompact and compact sedans are often seen in the city, sneaking through downtown alleys while fitting into even the tightest parking spaces. The agility compacts have, combined with great fuel economy for a non-electric or hybrid car, makes them an attractive option to young professionals, or even for families as a secondary car. Small sedans can also be quite affordable, with models like the Honda Fit starting in the 16-20 thousand dollar range.

Mid-size sedans were historically America's "family car" before our fascination with the gas guzzling SUVs was born following the turn of the century. The mid-size sedan takes a step above the commuter cars and offers a more spacious cabin, and more sophisticated available options - as well as suitable cargo space. The Honda Insight and Honda Civic are great mid-size sedans, thinking back on the legacy of mid-size sedans while driving a beautiful, modernized model.

Last but not least, Large sedans provide you a ton of cabin space as well as cargo room, with plenty of power for a sedan. Modern full-size sedans are updated and luxurious - they're often sporty and responsive. They can often fit a family of 5 comfortably, even if there are taller passengers in the back seat. This class has long been dominated by the Honda Accord, which starts around $23,000.

There is variance in sedans, and it is important to realize the differences between them. Rest assured, Honda of Joliet can help you make the right purchasing decision and get you into the sedan of your dreams!