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Honda Muffler Service Near Aurora

Routine maintenance is imperative to keeping your car running at optimum levels. Top performance from your vehicle requires many different systems working well together. Here at our Honda Superstore of Joliet, we always try to stress the importance of a properly functioning exhaust system to our customers.

Your muffler is responsible for muffling the sounds of your exhaust system, but it does much more as well. In addition to improving fuel economy, this important part helps to funnel toxic exhaust fumes away from your vehicle.

If you suspect your muffler may need a tune-up, our Honda service center near Aurora will be happy to help! Just give us a call at (815) 439-2222 and we’ll be happy to get you in a soon as possible!


  • Take Hill Ave to U.S. 30 E in Montgomery
  • Follow U.S. 30 E to Essington Rd in Joilet
  • Turn left onto Essington Rd
  • Turn left to stay on Essington Rd
  • Turn left onto Chicagoland Cir
  • Honda Superstore of Joliet will be on the right

Happy Customers:

”Honda of Joliet always goes the extra mile with friendly service and the little extras that go a long way. I always receive a clean car after service. Maybe a little thing, but it is an investment by Honda of Joliet in both time and money that reflects on the pride and service they deliver. I purchased a $30K Chrysler at another dealership and continue to have their plate holder advertisement on my van. When I show up for service, I am just another ‘task’ walking in the door, don’t feel any sense of appreciation. I had the van serviced at Honda Joliet once, and it came back spotless. My perception is if they care about the car, they care about the service.” – DealerRater.com Review

” The personal care that I receive at Honda of Joliet never waivers. I have been coming there for over 10 years for new cars and all my maintenance. Highly recommend them to others.” – DealerRater.com Review

Signs It’s Time for a New Muffler

Loud Noises

Loud noises are pretty classic signs of an issue with your muffler. When it’s working properly, the muffler should operate quietly. When something is wrong, the muffler will become a roaring monster. Should you notice a sudden and dramatic change in the volume of your muffler, don’t hesitate to have it looked at.

Lower MPG

If you find yourself filling up at the pump more often than you’re used to, this could be a sign of a problem. A well-tuned exhaust system offers an array of benefits—including better fuel economy. In many of today’s vehicles, fuel economy is especially simple to track, thanks to the dash-mounted screens. Keeping track of your fuel economy over time is a great way to catch issues before they become more serious.

Bad Smells

Smell something funky? Be careful! A bad smell could be a sign of a dangerous muffler-related issue. A correctly functioning muffler will funnel the exhaust fumes outside and away from your vehicle. If there’s a leak or other problem, those fumes could be stuck inside your car. Quite obviously, this is a dangerous problem, as exhaust fumes can be fatal over time. Contact our Honda service center near Aurora immediately if you smell something funny.

If you have any questions about your vehicle’s exhaust system, or to schedule a service appointment with us, contact Honda Superstore of Joliet at (815) 439-2222 today!

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