Honda Brings Next Generation Clarity Fuel Cell to Tokyo

Bringing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to production has been Honda's goal for going on thirty years now. Not only is H2 power abundant in nature, but it's also pretty easy to procure. And did we mention that cars powered by hydrogen have quite a bit of torque and zero-emissions? How can you go wrong?

You can't--especially now that Honda is taking the next step in their hydrogen odyssey. At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, they took the wraps off the Clarity Fuel Cell, the next generation of the FCX Clarity that the brand has made available for lease since 2008.

What sets this car apart from its kin is its smaller fuel cell stack and engine, which is about the size of a V6 mill. With that in hand, the Clarity boasts quite a bit of readily-available torque and 175 horsepower in addition to its impressive 300 mile driving range. It will be available for lease in California starting in 2016.

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